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Прекрасная пара, Сергей и Анна, подошли к стилистике и оформлению своей свадьбы очень творчески. За основу и вдохновение они взяли известное произведение английской писательницы Джей Остин "Гордость и предубеждение". И у них получилась очень интересная и красивая свадьба! И мы очень рады, что для украшения свадебной прически невеста выбрала наш аксессуар - прекрасную розу из натурального шелка!

А если и у вас впереди торжество в интересном стиле или тематике - обращайтесь, мы с большим удовольствием выполняем любые "сложные" задачи! :))

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    Safety boost planned for level crossings?

    In the next few years, there's a long-term plan being prepared to improve the safety of both passenger and freight crossings on both sides of the river. The crossing and crossing control project could include several improvements, all of which would make the crossing safer for both passengers and freight â€" including, among other things, increasing the number of traffic signals, creating pedestrian/pedestrian crossing islands on the river, extending the crossing through a series of pedestrian/pedestrian crosswalks, and increasing the height of a crosswalk from 4 to 5 feet below grade. The crossings would also enhance the experience for motorists who are using existing crossings and would improve vehicle visibility. The crossings would be designed to make it easier for motorists to cross the river. Once the crossing improvements are completed, the project would be eligible for federal funding.

    Do you need help?

    As a project of federal government, it is your responsibility to contact our office at 503-988-8825 or our public information hotline at 503-988-8825. If you or someone you know needs help, please call one of our offices. If you'd like to talk more about safety, please ask a question about the project online.

    Are you still waiting on your bridge to open?

    Are you waiting on your project to open? We've updated the bridge access guide to let you know when it will reopen. To find more information, click here.

    How do I call the bridge traffic control?

    How to report the bridge's traffic issue:

    There are three ways you can report your bridge traffic issue:

    By contacting the bridge control at 503-988-8825 to report a bridge traffic issue

    To report a traffic issue at the road crossing on the bridge, call: 503-988-8825 (during business hours)

    Call the crossing control at 503-988-8825 during daylight hours or call the bridge control if a light is off

    If you experience delays to use any bridge access, please use the toll-free phone number to report the problem. To access a toll-free number call: 503-988-8825 (during business hours)

    To access a toll-free number call: 503-988-8825 (during business hours) or

    Phone 503-963-0880

    By e-mail: 503-988-8825 (during business hours)


    Click here to send us information about safety and a copy of your ticket.

    What is a bridge traffic control?

    The bridge control is responsible for managing traffic around a bridge and controlling the movement of motor vehicles on that bridge

    Old bar beach residents lose bid for wall to keep out eroding wetsuit surfers

    EVERETT â€" Wetsuits surfers will soon be spending less time on shore and more time inside the wetsuit for good, thanks to a new proposal by a company named to erect a 100-foot wall on the beach at the foot of the Evergreen Terrace.

    A permit issued by the Evergreen City Council approved an ordinance Monday that directs a company called Green Sky to dig trenches for the barrier, which will have a top wall of about 1,300 feet.

    The company hopes to put it up in about three years, said Tim Hall of the city's Department of Building Inspection and Design.

    "The project will require some time because of its nature but should be completed within six months, and the construction should be completed by July 2018," Hall said.

    Hall did not say how much the barrier would cost to erect or when the project could be completed.

    "In order to complete the project, it is necessary to use water-resistant material and we will determine a cost by looking at the local and state permitting requirements. We believe Green Sky's application meets all necessary criteria," said Mike Vazquez, vice president and general manager of Green Sky.

    Hear, now, an update on the wetsuit ban from the mayor

    A public meeting to discuss the proposal was held at 7:15 Monday at the Seattle Beach Chamber of Commerce, located at 1221 Pacific St.

    "The ban is not based on any scientific analysis. It is based solely on the idea of people wearing wetsuits at beaches to limit ocean pollution from automobiles and heavy metals," said Mayor Ed Murray, the group leader.

    Vazquez said he wants to build the wall because of the potential environmental benefits.

    "We have a serious global problem around plastic pollution and we've got one in Seattle, so we've got to go after it."

    The proposed water barrier measures about 35 feet across, about the size of a football field, with a 1,300-foot top wall, which Green Sky expects to cost a total of $534,824.

    The city also approved the installation of the barrier without having a permit from Washington State Department of Ecology, which had already issued a formal request for proposals for the project.

    "There's not going to be a permit in the near future â€" the design has been approved by the state of Washington â€" for the installation," Hall said.

    Green Sky is a private construction company with a local subsidiary, Green Sky LLC, that works at public and private parks all over the city. The company's project is part of Green Sky's ongoing push to remove from the water more than 10 pounds o

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    Sharks captain paul gallen to miss raiders finals clash

    ROOSTERS coach John Longmire has admitted Luke Lewis has been ruled out of his team's finals clash with the Warriors after a shoulder incident.

    The Sharks defender has a hip injury and has missed all three Sharks finals matches.

    They would have to take the week off to recover.

    Lewis, however, could face another scan this week with the Sharks hopeful he will play against the Warriors tomorrow evening, in their final round series in Canberra.

    He is the only player currently with a shoulder injury and is considered to be fully fit with no doubt after running, jumping and playing with a full intensity during the Sharks' premiership victory over Sydney.

    The Sharks head into the three-point game with a lead of 16-4 after the Warriors opened the scoring by half time.

    Lewis was forced off early in the first quarter after being caught on the shoulder by fullback Anthony Griffin in the Sharks' 20-15 win over Western Bulldogs.

    However, he limped off and has not been replaced.

    Coach John Longmire: "The shoulder was in great condition. We just need to get Luke into it before he goes [back to Canberra]." #AFLSwansHawks https://t.co/nCx5N2nXqO â€" AFL (@AFL) February 10, 2016

    Lewis is hoping for a full recovery.

    "He got it very sore and did not really look the same so it will take some time to get around it," Longmire said.

    "We will find out if he can play tomorrow or not.

    "It was a very, very lucky break. Hopefully he will come out of it."

    The loss of Lewis will also hurt the Sharks in their pursuit of the fifth and final premiership after leading by 21 points at the break.

    Coach Ricky Stuart said the Sharks would be well-rested next week in the absence of Lewis.

    "Luke is not out of the plan for the game. We all want to see his footy game bounce off it a little bit better.

    "He's obviously hurt, he hasn't played in a while but he will be back."

    Bulldogs coach Paul Roos said Lewis was back in the club's team.

    "Luke did play a bit of footy before the game and he didn't play any on Friday," Roos said.

    "He was playing some full contact contact and that's the big thing."

    LIVE stream the 2017 NRL Telstra Premiership on FOX SPORTS. Get your free 2-week Foxtel Now trial and start watching in minutes. SIGN UP NOW!

    Bob young from the american farm bureau."

    I did some research and saw there was a new story circulating about this, but did not like the one that I read, so I turned to our friends over at CMT, and found out that the story was probably a bit outdated.

    When I saw the "newspaper" article I couldn't believe it.

    In the article, CMT describes a former manager as saying that he felt an incredible amount of pressure to be able to put more product into the hands of customers.

    "I thought there was a limit to how much you can put into the stores, and that it was something that just couldn't be broken," he explained.

    It's a very compelling view. We must be getting somewhere on time to get back on our feet. We are very fortunate to be in this position, and a much stronger market for the products we sell than we were five years ago, and a much more important market than we were a year ago.

    But the next paragraph jumps out as being, "That also included the prospect of losing more sales."

    The problem is, that paragraph never tells me if my sales were down 15% to 25% or down 25% to 30%!

    Or were they down 20% to 30%?!

    Let's take a minute to re-visit that paragraph.

    CMT was running into tough times, particularly when the American Dairy Association decided to withdraw its support of CMT as the American Dairy Association had done before. So, when it decided to pull out, CMT had to lay off a large percentage of the staff.

    I don't know why the article mentions the "pressure" part, but I did mention to their friends that if they did this to themselves that they'd miss out on years of good sales. They would miss out on years of excellent sales. That's how I feel, but it did sound like they were telling the truth and were willing to risk it. I think some sales losses of that magnitude do happen at times, so it probably does need to be taken into account in this report.

    Here's another interesting line out of the CMT article; "…there were several complaints about the way the stores were being managed."

    I have been hearing this a lot lately about these retailers, and how retailers should have "accountability plans" for the sales that they're selling, because a retailer can never "have it all". CMT wasn't a Walmart, and I agree that it has an amazing supply chain and supply store to keep up with. But I understand why they felt a bit frustrated when they were cutting back on product in the stores. The companies that I work with are working with this same mindse

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